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AME 500 lubricant SERIES

AME 500 Lubricant
AME 500 Lubricant
AME 500 Lubricant


AME 500 non-flammable lubricant is designed with the focus of ensuring the safety of the user. It is non-flammable, prevents short circuit and does not contain aerosol. It provides excellent lubrication and can remove dried oil and grease. AME 500 can be used on most contact points, moving parts, relays and switches.​


Safety - AME 500 is non-flammable, does not contain any flammable gases and can prevent short circuit. It has been tested and identified to have a flash point of 115°C. AME 500 is also tested for EU restrictions of hazardous substances (EU-RoHS) and does not contain any hazardous substances.

Sustainability - AME 500 is a better option for achieving sustainability as it does not require propellant to dispense. It can be dispensed using a trigger sprayer or pump sprayer. This eliminates harmful emission to the environment including carbon dioxide and liquefied propellant gas. Furthermore, AME 500 is refillable, unlike aerosol products that is also a low VOC* product, making it a more sustainable product.

*VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds

Application - AME 500 can be used to clean dried oil and grease, lubricate moving parts, removes mild rust and contains corrosion inhibitor to protect metal surfaces from corrosion. AME 500 can reduce salt formation, reducing the rate of corrosion. AME 500 also can prevent short circuit and is useful during the wet season especially in the event of a flood.

demonstration of
short circuit prevention properties


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